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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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hyde formulate a ask, should be put forth by staff to the police commissioner to see if they will take this up, and there is a lot of things that they can discuss the cost of ten b and the time of ten b and the admin fees and whatever, but you formulate that and you take it to the staff and you have them approach the police commission and see if they will do it or not. and then go from there. >> and that is really what i think is the only way to do it. >> barbara is the expert. >> i think that is a really good idea to take it before the police commission and just a comment on the sheriff's, they don't do patrol in the san francisco, and they are in charge of the jails and transportation of prisoners and so, that is probably why they are not utilized for ten b.
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>> i wanted to be sure that is why the commission was not behind and that is why i wanted to have the public discussion. i think that there is a discussion on the table that let's direct them to approach the commission and i don't know that we need a motion for that. >> do we? >> do you know? >> i think that we do. we could and it could just be on the record as that. any other last comments? if not, i will open it up to the public? any other comment on ten b, do you want to come up?
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>> good evening, commissioners and president tan. and feeling a lot better than the last time that i spoke here. and i just wanted to read into the record cmac's updated position on this issue, once again, we want to thank commissioner hide for bringing this up in the first place, and a year ago, steve asserted in the examine room that the sfpd was under going a staffing shortage and that the department is concerned about the reduction in officers. and sense that statement, this has been repeated, by officers, in the officials at the community meetings throughout the city. and while we agree that the department assurance that the staffing deficit has not affected the public safety, cmac is concerned that the shortage may be effecting the ten b program itself.
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the potential drop off in the availability is coupled with the raising ten b costs born exclusively by the event producers. and the issue has contributed to the demise of more than a half a dozen annual music festivals in the last three years alone, costing the city, jobs and revenue and cultural institutions what can be done to help the sfpd, overcome the shortage and it is time for a public conversation about the ten b program and so that solutions can be discussed to help the sfb pd to help this challenge and they want to help and leave that with the heavy summer festival about to begin and the time is ripe for an exchange of ideas and we ask that the entertainment commission, recommend that this issue be brought before the board of supervisors for a appropriate review. >> great. thank you. >> thank you. >> and okay. >> thank you. >> all right. we don't have to take a motion, but i am happy to entertain one. >> thank you. >> and i don't know that there
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is any more. >> and you could say pretty please? >> all right. so, the comments are on the record, and i think that we would like to see the police commission and if the staff could approach them to actually have a hearing about this, related to affordability, time, timing, and just how they administer their entire program. >> and i would like to add that if that does the happen, we could approach the board of supervisors who also might say no, but... >> all right. then, the people rally in the streets. >> and okay. so, if there is no further comments, we will move on to item 8. and which is general commissioner comments and questions. >> so, anyone want to say anything out of the blue? >> welcome to the staff. we have missed having a person out there in the streets. so welcome. >> yeah, welcome.
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>> all right. any public comment. >> no. >> moving to nine. >> new business request. >> i have a request, not next meeting but possibly in two meetings i would like the agenda and us to agendaize late night transit. >> in the city. >> and to have the mta come? >> have the mta come. and have a member supervisor's weiner's office come as well and since i think that they are going to try to carry the legislation or do something about it and i think that it is important for us as commissioners to do some homework on this with the pros and cons of late night transit with regard to the industry that we regulate. >> thank you. >> i am done. >> great, any other future
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agenda items? >> you know, ways thinking about the plastic water bottle and no more water bottles and i was just wondering if there was some way that we could get, an idea of how to be a more green industry. i just recently, you know, took an environmental geology course. it has me freaked out. you know, there is just so much plastic in the world and there is so little water left for us to drink and if we could be a more responsible and we could help that i would appreciate that. >> so the big, some of the big festivals are working on that. and since, the plastic water bottle ban is probably not workable. >> for some of the really larger ones? and they are working on seeking
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combustible items like water bottle and so on and so forth and it is a work in progress. >> when they are finished, do you think that we could hear from them? >> it is going to be a month. >> great. >> absolutely. >> great. >> so, at some point, in time, we will bring that up. any other future agenda items? otherwise, i will open it up to public comment. and i don't see any, so we will move on to just adjourning this meeting. >> have a good night, everyone. thank you.
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>> everybody to the world and enter galactic rocket i'm joel we have the great honor and pleasure of ownership this building but having haley here we love you guys focused on digital health this is your grand opening. so we've getting got a set
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period of time we're going to have an interesting panel discussion. most of you know mayor ed lee was sworn in two years ago january 8, 2012, to replace naumd and richard who runs our bay area operation we broke ground back in 2005 mission bay was i think a call was here and we did the total low beautiful bluegrass building we had no tenant who would ever come to mission bay now look at it today. we made a good decision. so mayor ed lee has previously served as intern mayor and
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focused on government efficiencies welding we'd love to have you go to washington >> what did that do. >> he introduced the cities first 10 year plan and he's been either in the city and county since 1989 and at the first asian-american mayor. welcome sir, we're god to have you (clapping.) to his immediate left it princess laef i'm kidding haley who is the founder and ceo of rock health one of the most creativity thinkers as you know they have the fund for the digital fund and she's responsible for the building of partners and overseeing the
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strategic direction. she has been named one of the telephone enterprise for cnn's and one of the 15 women to work in the tech and she had an odd title. she is a harvard mba and she imagined would could be. and finally, i want to introduce the moderator and editor and i'm going to turn it over to him from harrod and mit and come to san francisco. well everybody it's an honor and pleasure to have you here (clapping.) it's an honor to be here to moderate our latin america panel
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we've got 15 minutes. i'm recordings this because i'm going to a share it. but i'm going to start with you mayor ed lee. the board of supervisors designated mission bay as a development district in 1998. if you came here you would have seen parking lots and train tracks. the transformation has been credible. for a long time there wasn't a call place. how does the transformation here fit into our vision so far the high tech in san francisco and how did the health incubator fit into the plan >> first of all, i wish everybody a happy new year. it's a wonderful time to be here in 0 san francisco. to personally congratulate haley
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and joel for your wonderful work. there's one more site missing when willie brown offered the site and my predecessors naumd took over and put stem down here in signaled some hard things there's one more vision besides the railroads that was my driving rank rage you i range you would have seen me there i'm imperfect my golf shot. willie came and said we've got to change mission bay you need to a head up the mapping by the way, he building if i build it they've come. he already saw not only the idea of having a new sector on health
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care but with company but when gavin took over he invited stem to come to the center and that really signaled a ground work with usc f now we have bio life companies 50 in mission bay are bio life scientists science. we have some at gladstone and terry at bear and others. you've got 25 hundred usc f faculty and techs. when he said we'll build it and they come if we took an
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infrastructure approach and built the infrastructure that a new sector low merger and it has. when you see did pharmaceutical companies here with the hospital it will open in 2015 and another hotel pop up and family houseraising money at the stephen's house the other day it will house families to come through the treatment but you'll also see the innovation reflected here. i'm glad to see ray cell here. your not only in the morning an incubator but a inventor to get together with other tech
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companies and introduce them to the relationship he's pr this is what mission bay is all about no matter where here in hospitality or manufacturing and now in digital health care. i love this blend. i was introduced to this when i was talked about this and she introduced the idea to put all the health data symbol clouds and allow us to astronomer health care and what a timing it would be when we're on the vertigo of implementing the care act we're trying to look at the bridge time of the digital movement to the health care movement and rock health it
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perfect. i'm excited to be here but also the land use decisions we made with alexander at the time, we took you took a lot of risks with us you didn't know from one mayor to another whether we would change that i want to consider willie brown and definitely credit naumd for appointing me to this position i'm the third in section so this sector got ceded we used the redevelopment monies and the tax increment money to build the infrastructure to allow the lives are buildings to go up. this is the magic how do you revitalize our old shipyard and
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you've got to revitalize our cities this is what we've done w in partnership with the encounter institutions we've had. i will continue to say thank you to u s f we've attracted all those great research labs and i think they're here because of the talent per san francisco is a 24r5e7b9 attracter i'm going to add myself to that even though i have a march 10th glass i'm trying to change my imagine i have to be more like the big mayors >> not the mayor of attorney respondent (laughter). >> but i say lecture regularly us kelly he got blessed with the
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highest honor from his origin which is the origin of the british empire. and this is yet again another example of innovation and the spirit we have. our story is working in looking toward the industry of infrastructure i know that diseases we talk about so threatening those days will i know in our lifetimes be ended with the fantastic discoveries we'll have with the blepd of digital health our technology and health care but ultimately it is the spirit of the people of this city that attract other people who want to solve
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problems and we'll solve many of the world's problem right here. congratulations raqeul >> so haley let me turn to you i started rock health in 2010 and made a decision to move into an office on grant straight and chinatown. till looking for your office you have to go through the scarf shop. it was fantastically though and it's obviously a reliant and robust part of town. now your moving to mission bay. how and when did you decide to move and graph it's tattoo this neighborhood and how you wanted the space to look and feel and
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reinvent the physical space >> how many people have been to our chinatown office you know what an upgrade this is. it's lovely to welcome you all here. when we decided to move the office was ready for us to leave the decision was a purely economic decision we wanted to safe neighborhoods and one we could afford so we ended up in chinatown but it was time for us to expand and be in a place that recognize the vision we have. so it was really great when we met alexander and we talked about having better infrastructure and better real estate to the companies we support. it maid make sense to be in mission bay not only for the medical research but the
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activity from the medication side but also the technology. we've accepted away from sylmar and rock health is in the middle it was a no-brainer. being on the first floor was exciting as well as because of the great advertising and ultimately it lend the feel of having a community and we bring people here all the time. yesterday we had a group of doctors who hung out here so if anyone has a group to share our space we want to be able to welcome our groups that have the same vision. we worked with the architect to build this space out to our needs they studied our needs in chinatown the way we used the
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space and we can have community space here no workshops and event while entrepreneurs are working on the other side. we have break out rooms that we put together and we're able to plan this out it has been 6 months it was a thought of move. we made this space with alexandra >> what kinds of interactions do you think you'll have here. >> well-being coloring to the clinicians we'll have them right there. we see people walking bye and we wave and whatever we have events
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it's easier for them to get to so for any of our partners those we work with those being closer to the freeway and being able to park are around here. our partners will say it was difficult to get to the subway it's easier now. super so joel alley draw real estate equities is not only the larger real estate company across the country right but to date most of your tenants have been traditionally bio tech companies; right? with wet labs; right? so digital life is different i'm curious where do you think the digital health will fit a year from now or 15
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years from now and what can alexandra do it's a bridge between digital and health >> we actually have a board vision we started in 1994 and 14rbd our 2w0ub9 of 24th anniversary. so we started with a business plan and a mindset to be at the intersection of the real estate longer value but boarder this and that that's a huge industry it employes 3 and a half million people. but one of the first things we did in the bay are area we bought a set of buildings from a company that was leaving and larry came along and did
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google's first champions and put in a skateboard park so we had some interesting issues then we started a new venture headed by amanda who made the intro to us personally so we've invest in google in a budget share and still own part of that stock. all return is one thousand .678 times so the money we've invested equally to exceed the benchmark everyone we are in new york and cambridge and a san diego etc., he ever one of those cities is
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heavy being driven by technology and life science. the areas we have a huge human capital and brain function advantage over the rest of the world we expect our tenant to be more collaborative and innovative where you have engineering and chemical and engineering and biological so we see our future it heavy solar driven enterprise. haley mentioned when we met the health rock people we were blown away we've got to work and invest together it was a knoll team so that's how we think about things >> so you can see users working with the rock health folks. >> super we could go on for
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hours it's an existing event but we're going to move on to the ribbon cutting ceremony. >> (cheering) meeting. >> thank you.
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good morning. welcome ladies and gentlemen i'm going to called this meeting to order public utilities commission it's 1105 in the morning tuesday, january 28, 2014. commissioner president courtney. commissioner caen is expected shortly and commissioner torres we have a quorum >> thank you, don in a. next item, please. >> at the scene of the accident he item is 3 approval of the minutes of january 14, 2014. >> commissioners anything on the minutes. seeing none, do i hear a motion it's been moved and seconded and is there any public comment on this item? from january 14th. seeing none, public comment is closed. i'll call for a vote all all in favor, say i. opposed? the motion carries next item,
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please. >> item 4 is that concludes my presentation and address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda and i have several speaker cards. i have an announcement from the president for those who don't know i tend to be a little bit lax with the rules related to any public comment? i think it's important to hear from the folks who take time out of their day to share their concerns and examines. i do have a special request because the heat is on me i want to make sure we facilitate in a great way. we're hoping that if you have concerns about staff and that's with the puc keeping in mind everybody is doing the best job. you'll raise


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